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At Founding Footsteps, we take pride in creating tours that are not only educational, but also immersive and captivating for students. Our tours are thoughtfully designed to bring Philadelphia's fascinating history and rich culture to life, providing students with an interactive learning experience that goes beyond the walls of the classroom.

We believe that learning should be engaging and memorable, and our tours are crafted with this principle in mind. We strive to make history come alive for students by incorporating interactive elements and engaging storytelling throughout our tours. By doing so, we hope to instill a lifelong appreciation for history and culture in our young learners.

We understand that budget constraints can be a major concern when planning school trips. That's why we offer competitive pricing options, making our tours accessible to as many students as possible. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn and explore outside of the classroom, and we aim to make that possible by providing affordable and high-quality tours.

At the heart of everything we do is our passion for education and our commitment to providing students with an unforgettable experience. We take great care in creating tours that are not only informative, but also engaging and fun. We believe that learning should be an adventure, and we invite students to join us on a journey through Philadelphia's vibrant history and culture.

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Why take this tour?

Taking a trolley tour of Philadelphia with your school group can offer several unique and educational benefits, including:

  1. Convenient transportation: Trolley tours provide a convenient and safe way for students to explore the city, without the hassle of navigating public transportation or walking long distances.
  2. Historical insights: Philadelphia is rich in history, and a trolley tour can offer students a unique perspective on the city's past, including its role in the American Revolution and its connection to the founding of the United States.
  3. Cultural experiences: Philadelphia is home to a diverse range of cultural attractions and communities, and a trolley tour can offer students a glimpse into the city's art, food, and cultural heritage.
  4. Accessibility: Trolley tours provide students with an accessible and inclusive way to explore the city, accommodating students with disabilities and making it easier for everyone to participate.
  5. Experienced guide: A knowledgeable tour guide can provide students with a more in-depth understanding of the city's history, culture, and attractions, enhancing their overall experience.

The tour would consist of a 3 hour tours (varies). We would break the school up in teams.

A) Group A: 1.5 hour long walking tour

Major historic landmarks in Old city (Ben Franklin grave, Betsy Ross House, Carpenters’ Hall, Post Office, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and more (Admission into locations are not included, but can be added to the tour)

B) Group B: 1.5 hour long trolley tour

  Major historic landmarks: City Hall, Love Park, Museum District, the Rocky Steps and more.

Overall, a trolley tour of Philadelphia can be a fun and educational experience for students, providing them with the opportunity to learn about the city's history, culture, and attractions in a convenient and accessible way.

We are currently placing packages together now for 2023 school year. We would charge the school per student and the chaperones would be included. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at

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