• Itinerary for the Best Weekend in Philadelphia
    I am the Director of Marketing for Founding Footsteps Tours as well as the company’s resident millennial and first full time hire.  I’ve lived in Philly […]
  • The Best Places To Sit With A Coffee In Philly
    What better way to enjoy the city than to sit with a coffee in Philly and just watching people walk by to wherever they need to […]
  • Five Things To Do In Philly This Spring
    Philadelphia is such a wonderful city. Now having just won the Superbowl, we have a lot to be proud of, but honestly, we always have had […]
  • Holiday Tours in Philadelphia
    While the first of December might bring shorter days, Philly fights through the extended night by turning its lights up even brighter. From the windows at […]
  • Go Eagles!
    Go Eagles! Every American should spend at least two weeks traveling across the country. It might not fix any issues or concerns you could have with […]
  • That’s My Cousin!

    Tim's cousin, Jessie, and her dance troupe auditioned on America's Got Talent, one of the largest talent auditions in the country created by Simon Cowell.

    PC: NBC

  • Stand-Up and Drink! Presents: Pat House

    This is our first installment of a series of blogs that will feature the comedians featured on our Stand-Up & Drink! Tour.

  • Top 10 Philadelphia Landmarks

    Not sure where to go during your time in Philly? We've got you covered with the coolest landmarks the city of brotherly love has to offer.

  • Best Bars in Philly

    You'll never be thirsty once you have our list of the best bars in your back pocket. We've even got a bonus list of hotel bars!

  • Top 10 Comedians From Philadelphia

    Home to an unending number of talented individuals, the streets of Philadelphia have raised some of the most brilliant comedians. 

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