Go Eagles!

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June 13, 2017
Holiday Tours in Philadelphia
December 2, 2017

Go Eagles!

Every American should spend at least two weeks traveling across the country. It might not fix any issues or concerns you could have with the USofA., but at the least, it will give you a new perspective and appreciation for the Land of the Free. It’s truly a place of diversity and uniqueness. Every region has its own culture, cuisine, standards, and pace of living. However, when it comes to the American city, as different as they may appear, they all seem to have a similar current running through them. There’s an underlying theme that connects our cities, from NY to LA.

Sure, every city has its’ own identity and artifacts or stories linked solely to them: there’s New York’s Statue of Liberty, the Water Tower in Chicago, Detroit and the Automobile, cowboy hats in Dallas, and Boston had their Tea Party. If you’re staring at a beautiful iron balcony, you’re likely in New Orleans. L.A. is the home of movies, San Francisco of cable cars and when you’re in St. Louis, the street you’re on is most likely named after a tree. These are all things associated solely with their host city–except none of those things are truly unique. They all have a common denominator, the City of Firsts, Philadelphia!

Starting today, each week we’ll explore a new topic that got its’ start in the City of Brotherly Love. In honor of this weeks’ Eagles matchup, let’s start with Dallas before we finish them on Sunday. Home to the Cowboys, the self-proclaimed “America’s Team,” the county of Dallas was named for George Mifflin Dallas, the former mayor of Philadelphia! Mifflin went on to become Vice President and is buried in the City of Brotherly Love, but that’s not all Cowboy fans! The iconic 10-gallon cowboy hat linked not only to the city but the entire state of Texas? Chances are if you own one, it was made by the John B. Stetson company, a small family business that began in 1865. Stetson went on to become the world’s largest hat maker, and if you’re wearing one of the nearly 3.5 million hats produced by the company each year, hold onto it! The label inside? Made In Philadelphia!

So Dallas, you can keep the Cowboys and your inflated belief about their level of national popularity. You’ll need it to get you through this weekend! From the signing of the Declaration and the Constitution to the planning of the revolution, Philly is America’s team and Sunday we’re celebrating a Philadelphia tradition–burying Dallas! Go Eagles!

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